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Saint Brendan's Church

visual identity ◦ document design

St. Brendan's Anglican is church plant in Appalachia. Their area is highly committed to Baptist traditions but is also unknowingly familiar with Anglican heritage. The church combines these trends by utilizing a Celtic motif. Which, itself, connects the mountain ranges and people groups. They needed a visual identity that reflected these features.

Built for: St. Brendan's Anglican
Built by: J. Ryan Garner
Built with: Affinity Suite ◦ AE

To begin, the church simply used standard Celtic symbolism. In order to avoid washing out in a see of crosses, we reconsidered their central vision: to be en route, or on voyage. This notion is embedded in the name of the patron.

The goal was to capture this notion of "traveling on the water" in a way that was repeatable and recognizable. We discovered a stable mark by considering how St. Brendan may have navigated the waters. Namely, by the stars.

A church presents a unique opportunity to bring these designs into print deliverables that will end up directly in the hands of end users. This star + water framework could be expanded to secure the movement of text users share. A star above and waters below symbolize that the movement of the reading as itself a sailing.

St. Brendan's also needed the mark to help visitors "navigate" their way to the church itself. They do not own a building so wayfinding is of utmost importance. The mark now operates as a star to be sought out for direction. It is simultaneously the destination.

The aesthetic of navigation was even extrapolated to the worship venue and people. The movement of parishioners is likened to travelers making their way to an island wherein care and sustenance is provided.

The color and UI of the web design reflects the navigation motif. The aqua is self-explanatory but the white space is more subtle. The movement of text and the placement of objects on that ocean are intended to express the isolating scope but rich possibility of navigation.